About Aunty Margaret’s

Locally Owned Small Business

Aloha kakou. My name is Julia Chung. I was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of O’ahu. I am a kanaka and Paramedic. Aunty Margaret’s Care Home Finder was born from the my desire to make it easy to find a care home in Hawaii (for our elders, seniors, parents, kupuna, and grandparents).

Aunty Margarets Care Home FinderAs the person responsible for overseeing my grandmother’s care for over 20 years I found myself, multiple times, needing to find a new care home for her. I have spent hours researching, making calls, appointments, and visits just to find one home that matched my grandmother’s needs. I have tried placement agencies. However, I learned that they charge the care home owner a huge fee for placing a client with them.

Why is a care home directory for Hawaii my passion?
I wanted to create a comprehensive resource, for the families of Hawaii, that was easy to understand and readily available. Making it is easy for Hawaii’s seniors to find the right care home that fit their needs is so important to me, and I know it is important to you as well.